Home Remodeling

Home remodeling can be one way to increase the value of your single biggest investment. But it’s more than that – it’s your home, the centerpiece for your life, your refuge from the stress and aggravation of work and the outside world. You want it to be bright, comfortable and inviting for guests and your family alike. But since the downturn of the housing market, many homeowners have a bigger reason for considering home remodeling, and that is to help boost the resale value of their homes. When it comes time to sell, not many buyers are going to be enticed by a shabby, worn or outdated interior that is going to need an overhaul as soon as they move in!

Whether it’s a  kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, expansion, or just a light facelift of your living room (or any room in the house), we’re ready to meet with you and help you turn your ideas and plans into a reality!

Home Remodeling, how extensive do you want to go?

Many home improvement jobs might not really call for professional design services. A smaller home remodeling job can be worked out between you and the contractor, with some careful discussion of your goals, ideas and budget. If you’re wanting a remodeling job that’s more involved, though, it’s crucial to have a designer’s help in laying out plans, figuring on a budget, working with the construction crew and procuring whatever permits are needed to go forward with the job.

That’s where we have the edge over many other home remodeling firms. We’ve got the experienced designers, crew and contractors to take on any size, scale or type of a home remodeling job you might have in mind.

We know that you’ll probably have questions such as:

  • When can you start?
  • When will you be finished?
  • What time are you going to show up and knock on my door each morning?
  • What time will you quit for the day and go home?
  • Are you going to work every day?

With Austin Home Remodeling, we get those kinds of questions all the time and are happy to answer them for you with straight answers, not tap dances. And once the work starts, you can be assured that our professional crews are going to clean up after themselves and do everything they can to not inconvenience you and your family or disrupt your routines any more than necessary.

Contact us for a free remodeling estimate today!