Quartz Countertops Or Granite Countertops?

Kitchen counters can be found in all shapes and colors, and they are made of numerous materials. When choosing a material for you counter, there are lots of things for you to think about. Kitchen counters are installed to last for many years and even decades, so you need to make one final choice, on which large part of your home life will rely.

Granite and quartz countertops are but the most craved-for. First, their charming natural appearance is a shot through the heart for beauty-loving householders. Second, both granite and quartz counters are strong and heat-resistant and therefore they seem to last for all time. Third, they do not require complex maintenance.

Simultaneously, there are one or two significant differences between the two.

Quartz counters a made from built stone sheets, which consist about 90 p.c of quartz crystals and about 10 % of a resin binder. Quartz counters come in a broad range of solid colors and, unlike granite countertops, boast consistency and uniformity. It is far easier to pick up a quartz counter to match your interior than a granite one, since there is a small amount of colors for granite counters and they aren't as uniform as are quartz counters. Seams are less observable in quartz worktops.

Designed quartz isn't porous and therefore more stain-resistant. Granite is a porous stone and thus more certain to stain permanently without due care. It is much easier to get rid of food and liquids from quartz surface than from granite. Quartz counters don't need any cruel cleaners. Granite countertops don't either. A very little bit of soapy water and a sponge will get the job done. You should be a bit more careful choosing a cleaner for a granite worktop, because assertive and abrasive cleaning agents may damage the sealant and expose the surface to stains. To keep granite clean and stain-free, it has to be sealed at least twice a year. Quartz countertops don't need sealing.

Granite is far less springy than designed quartz. If you drop a heavy object on a granite counter, it is more certain to crack than a quartz counter.

Granite countertops Williamsburg VA are more heat sensitive. If you fail to use a trivet or a cutting board, traces of your work may remain for keeps. Although quartz counters require the same careful perspective, they are still more refurbishable and sure to retain their beauty.

Installing a granite countertop is a challenge. Please, do not try to fix it on your own and call a professional. Because granite is a heavy stone, granite counters need a specific support structure. Though quartz counters are easier and less expensive to fix, it is recommended that you use qualified help.

Learn the most important difference between granite worktop and quartz counters, and how it can make your kitchen pretty