Go Green With Your Windows

For the past three hundred years the use of sash windows have proved to be the popular choice. And, with that history it seems the smart choice today.

So, with that evidence we would assume that they are a tried and true resource for windows. But, let’s say that you have sash windows and you are offered the chance to have them replaced. Would you replace them with wood or plastic windows? Would your choice be influenced by the considerations of which one is better for the environment? When it comes to what is best for the environment, then there is something to consider. And this might be that time.

If you needed to replace some or all of your windows it might be hard for you to make a decision between wood or plastic window replacements. Would it make a difference to you if knew that Environmentalists are positively in favour of wood windows? And, that they have a number of reasons that support them in coming to this conclusion.

It is noted that there are some cons to consider concerning the wood windows. Some people perceive that wood is more expensive to use than plastic windows. Preservation is another aspect that seems to present itself as a con in this situation. because using wood means that our forests may suffer depletion and disrupt our environment.

Some people think that uPVC provides better insulation and that it looks better than wood. Residents feel more secure with the locks on plastic windows. Feeling that plastic is more secure is also a common assumption.

But truly these assertions are just that, the evidence points a strong finger towards the use of wood windows. While the expense of putting in wood windows is high the wood windows do not have to be replaced for quite a long time. And, if you purchase high quality moulded plastic windows that resemble wood in looks the cost rises considerably. So, the fact that the wood does last longer definitely evens the playing field for the wood choice. With wood a layer of fresh paint is always an option for brightening up your environment. And, the colour options make the home original.

When plastic is used the precious oil commodities are being depleted. Wood is continuously being replaced in our forests. It is also harder and more costly for the means of disposing of plastic. The wood actually contributes to our environment and, does not harm it as it goes through the deterioration process. There are also means of recycling the discarded wood for other purposes.

With all of the evidence seen it is up to the householder to make the final decision of what his choice will be. Considering all of the pros and cons will help in the ultimate decision of whether to use wood or plastic windows. At this present time, in consideration of the environment, the evidence clearly shows that wood is the preferred option. The future may hold other evidence for composite plastics. But, that is not the case in our present situation.

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