Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R Toilet Bidet, Very Easy Nice And Clean And Automatic!

Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R is fairly simple to set up, functional, quick to clean and perfect looking – and a neat night light. In my assestment, even dry bathroom tissue can never cleanse as well as a Coco. Even a moistened tissue cannot clean like a warm water jet/spray. The COCO bidet is easy to install and maintain and can fit virtually any ELONGATED toilet. Fits All Elongated One or Two Piece Toilet Seats -Two Coco Bidet Water Purifying Filters – Bio Life Technologies is the world renowned bidet company and manufacturer of the COCO bidet. The Coco 9500R is much better looking and half the price of the leading manufacturer (which we tried and did not like as much as the Coco).
This Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R toilet seat is first class. It gets you clean. Pressure, temperature, angle of spray are all adjustable. The remote element is quite handy, but it is infrared, so the remote has to be line-of-site with the receiver.

quite simple. No complicated plumbing to do. This Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R toilet bidet helps decrease the volume of toilet tissue going to the septic tank. It’s affordable (as much as any device with a heater can be) with electricity, and water. You will not regret the expense in this product. The COCO bidet comes with a full one year warranty and 3 year limited warranty.

Product Functions :

  • Coco Bidet 9500R Elongated White – Heated Water Tank w/Never Ending Warm Water
  • 4 Remote Control User Presets, Enema Jet, LED Night Light
  • Heated Seat, Far-Infrared Warm Air Dryer, Deodorizer
  • Bubble Wash, Pulse and Massage Wash – Two Iodine Water Filters
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

The concept of a washlet/bidet makes sense and of all the research I did the Coco is nicely designed and well worth the money.