London’s Crittall Windows

Ever since the revision of their design, Crittal Windows and Replacements have show themselves many times over to be indispensable. A Crittall replacement window is affordable, looks just like the original, keeps heat inside to boost eco-efficiency, prevents condensation, and uses secure mechanisms to keep you safe. Until now, the aluminium framed windows across the market have not reached this high level of criteria.

In London, the planning authorities often succeed in recognising the critical factor of the preservation of original art deco style, and often choose to instal Crittall window replacements to accomplish this. This will guarantee preservation of the old style while greatly improving the security and efficiency etc – all the benefits of modern window systems and at half the price of the new steel Crittall windows.

If a building houses art-deco Crittall windows which date back to the 1930’s, the planning authorities would ideally prefer their residents to replace their them with the newest versions, the steel Crittall windows. Blocks with very old windows like this are nearing the point now where repair is no longer a viable option, and a total replacement window solution would be a far better choice.

The Blackheath Conservation Society have a particular interest in Crittall windows, since at the mouth of the village of Blackheath, there stands a landmark, a block which boasts original Crittall windows. The society members are particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of installing replacements to their precious landmark.

As a recognised “style savvy” hotel in a bustling part of London between Wardour and Dean Street, the Soho Hotel is committed to keep to the look of its surrounding local, as well as maintaining the aesthetic of its opening year, 2004. Essential to this original feel are the new steel surround Crittal windows that were fitted when it was built.

As a Grade II listed building in Hooper Street, London, The Old Pump House is of particular interest. The developers who purchased it, City North plc, found deterioration in its steel window frames, and because of the listing they needed to replace them like for like. The option they chose to go with was the more modern Crittall windows, which were worked into their restoration plan. This meant that the building retained it’s periodic look, remained in-keeping with the requirements of its listing, and enjoyed greatly improved energy efficiency.

In Westminster, the heart of London, the fashion house Burberry’s purpose designed headquarters cover all eight stories of a structure that was built in the 1930’s. The timeless look of their building had to be preserved during a recent renovation, including its Crittall windows. The result was, as always, as stylish as it was classic.

A gorgeous office refurbishment in East Central London boasts impressive Portland Stone as well as classic Crittall windows. In elegant contrast to the smooth stone surfaces, the metal frames of the windows have proven an irreplaceable feature which both blends the building into the city backdrop, while maintaining it’s originality.

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