Delta 35996LF-BN : Stylish Bath Faucet

Delta 35996LF-BN is “quick” Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet. It is very easy to install from nice instruction sheet, with out drips or leaks,
simply require a wrench and pliers to install. Based on my overview it is only necessary around 30 min to accomplish whole instalation.
This faucets is protected by brushed nickel, chrome which protected corrosion on cap and tube surfaces. It gives very pleasing and high-class to look at. Beautiful and Risk-free!
It gives high-class appearance and will not break your budget. Certainly more costly models are around at double this price, but I am fulfilled with the excellent and style of this faucet.
Delta 35996LF-BN is made to immediately be connected to standard U.S. plumbing supply bibs Extra secure mounting assembly.
This faucet is wholly covered under Delta’s limited life-time warranty.
All hardware enclosed in this faucet are Eco Friendly which keep faucets splash considerably less, so you won’t have to wipe your counters as much. And they use a smaller amount hot water which keeping your hot water supply and reducing water heating expense. You will feel a little less guilty leaving the water running for longer periods. 

This faucet has entire Height: 6-13/16?, calculated from counter top to maximum point of faucet, Spout Height: 4-13/16?, calculated from counter top to faucet outlet, Spout Reach: 4-9/16?, calculated from center of faucet base to center of faucet outlet. Number of installation holes needed: 3 Center-to-center distance between handle installation holes (faucet centers): 6″ – 16″

(adjustable) 1.5 gallons-per-minute flow rate Installs onto decks up to 1-1/8? thick.

On Summary,this is superb faucet. From all the features, such as well made, well-designed, corrosion shielded, very easy to install and Handles turn smoothly and easily. Even there are some plastic innards, but I’ve come to expect that, and this is worth it to have a deal.

Delta 35996LF-BN Two Handle Faucet Review