Samsung RFG297HDRS – New Features To Reduce Cost

The Samsung RFG297HDRS is a French door refrigerator with stainless-steel finish. The Samsung RFG297HDRS is a great refrigerator, it has great looking design, and have many features that can save your money, and has great storage capacity.  

Should you are looking out for family fridge, the Samsung RFG297HDRS has to be put into considerations. However , before you decide on this fridge, carefully assess where exactly your new refrigerator will go. Some of the most common reason for refrigerator returns is room space constraints. Measure the height, width and depth of the space your next refrigerator is going to occupy, understanding that you will use this information to ensure that there will be extra space to give sufficient air circulation around your refrigerator once installed.  

Samsung RFG297HDRS features :

•    Large Capacity – With Enhanced storage capacity provides more space inside with similar outside dimensions as a traditional model. Which is a lot more room to hold your favorite beverages, party platters and leftovers. The fridge have total capacity: 28.5 cu. ft.
•    Nice-looking Style – Beautiful and modern design which suits with any kitchen décor
•    Superior Ice Production and Storage – Samsung refrigerators make large amounts of ice so you never run out. The extra ice storage helps ensure you have ice on hand at all times
•    French Door model which can gives comfortable access to fresh food and with  flexible storage choices
•    Premium external filtered water and ice dispenser delivers crushed or cubed ice
•    Twin Cooling System® – Not like conventional refrigerators, Samsung’s revolutionary Twin Cooling Plus System splits airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer to enhance freshness
•    The refrigerator area keeps more humid preserving fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Humid air stays out of the freezer to decrease freezer burn, making improvements to the quality of frozen food
•    CoolSelect Pantry drawer – Versatile CoolSelect Pantry drawer enables you to select temperature and functions which fit your needs. Control temperature of refrigerator to unfreeze or chill items for a last minute dinner
•    Power freeze and power cool – Fast chill or fast freeze food with a short period of time each time needed. Ice cream melted on the way home from the grocery? With just the press of a button, this can be returned to frosty perfection in a few minutes
•    The system runs nonstop until the refrigerator or freezer is at the requested temperature
•    LED lighting – Samsung’s best-in-class LED lighting softly brightens each corner of your refrigerator allowing you to see better. Plus, our LED lighting emits less heat which is more energy efficient than traditional lighting
•    Surround air flow – Provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator to maintain optimal temperatures to keep food fresh
•    Door alarm – Helps prevent food spoilage by alerting you in the event the freezer or refrigerator door has been accidentally left open
•    Energy Star qualified model – You’ll save money while conserving energy with this Energy Star-rated refrigerators

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