Hire Scaffolding – Easy Steps To Do It Well

There are measures which have to be observed when you hire portable scaffolding. Apart from the completion of the project for which it will be used, it is also useful for keeping workers safe all the time as they toil day and night on their tasks. Getting started with these measures could be difficult but it becomes easier as you do it consistently.

Look For Big Names

There is a reason why most clients choose big scaffolding companies. This is because they have proven they are worth the fame as they continue to provide quality service through the years. Such service is made possible by the existence of a team with well-trained members and use of excellent products that have passed quality assurance tests. Additionally, there is a supervisor who ensures that all scaffold safety regulations are met.

Stability Is Everything

Ensure that the entire tower will be erected on a solid ground. If the foundation is shaky, the entire tower leans and falls off eventually. Work closely with the supervisor of the team of scaffolds. Check the possibility of using stabilisers or outriggers when needed. Also, scrutinize the foundation of the tower and find ways on how it can be supported appropriately.

Include Guard Rail System And Toe Boards In The List

Yes, guard rails and toe boards are accessories which are not commonly listed with major parts. Nonetheless, they are very important when you hire scaffolding. Both of them are effective in keeping workers from losing balance and totally falling off from a platform. In fact, there are widths of mesh wire which are installed in between the two just to prevent all potential accidents workers might encounter. Additionally, the toe boards block construction tools from slipping and injuring people positioned around or under the tower. If ever your team is still waiting for an advanced guard rail system to be delivered to your site, ensure to install a temporary one for safety’s sakes.

Know The Weather Forecast

Even the sturdiest scaffold tower will bend in the presence of hurricane or storm. Therefore, your team should know all weather updates to avoid endangering their lives. After raining or snowing, platform surfaces could be very slippery. Remind your workers then to put on their anti-slip boots and scatter good amount of sand on the surfaces they are to step on. If they are working with hanging scaffolds, have them tie these things secured if it gets very windy.

Inspect The Tower Regularly

You would never know what can go wrong from the time you have set the tower up until the time it is being used. Quality assurance and safety organizations advise that inspections have to be made before use of the tower and every seven days since the use of it started. As you hire scaffolding, ask your provider about this. A supervisor who is well-versed with scaffold design and operations must always be available to do the inspections. If ever repairs and replacement of damaged parts are needed, momentarily stop the work and choose to go on with the improvements first.