Wellington Glass And Glazing Specialists – A New Feature For Your Home Or Business

When you think of local Wellington glass and glazing specialists – what pops up to your mind? Window repairs and window installation are the major services that the local Wellington glass company can provide you with, but their services are far beyond this. Generally, a Wellington glass company also provides a comprehensive range of glass and glazing services for both residential and commercial properties.

If you’ve called upon the services of a local Wellington glazier for a new window installation, consider the advantages of paying slightly more and getting double glazed windows installed into your property. There are a number of advantages of double glazed windows – you’ll be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, control condensation, reduce UV damage and add additional security to your property. Your local glazier will be able to come in and install brand new double glazed windows, and even repair your existing ones if required. You can also have double glazed glass installed onto your exterior doors, to further improve heating and security.

If you need a specialist for window repairs Wellington you should contact them now and ask for free quotes.

Are you thinking about adding a special feature to your property, not just to increase the appeal but also the property value? There are a number of glass products that can be installed in your property – all will depend on your choice of style, size and colour. Some of these glass products include glass floors, glass doors, decorative glass, glass blocks, skylights and glass stair treads are only few of the new features that you can have for your property.

One particular product that is becoming more popular in both residential and commercial properties is glass balustrades. Glass balustrades do not only look good, but will assist in protecting from falls and for additional security. Glass balustrades can be customized and installed in a number of areas in your property, including around decking, staircases, as pool fencing and on balconies. Additionally, you can choose different colours, thickness and size depending on what you desire.

Glass splashbacks are considered an asset for your kitchen and bathroom – it is not just a stunning feature, but offers additional protection to your walls from water and food stains that may be present in the room. Apart from having a plain glass splashback installed, you can choose a customized design to give your room a different look. There are different glass colours, or perhaps have an image or photo behind the glass – a different style to your ordinary photo frame in the wall.

Additional items that your local glazier offers for your bathroom include bathroom mirrors, shower domes, privacy glass, bathroom vanity tops, bathroom screens, glass walls and frameless glass showers.

Simply check this and you can choose from glass installation services too.

If you are not certain of the glass and glazing products that would best fit your residential or commercial property, why don’t you ask an opinion from the experts? There are a number of Wellington glass and glazing specialists who are willing to give free quotes and consultations for any services you are interested with, and can likewise give you a friendly advice of the best glass feature for your property

Get in touch with a glass company today to see what can be done for your property. Remember to find a company that backs its company with the best skills, expertise, guarantees and experience in the industry.

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