Towel Hanging Fixtures

A generic term for distinct sorts of towel hanging fixtures are towel racks which come in six major varieties, namely, towel hooks, towel rings, towel valets, towel bars, towel racks and towel shelves. Some towel hanging fixtures have metal finishes in nickel, pewter, stainless steel, wrought iron and brass, even though most towel hanging fixtures are readily available in chrome. Towel hanging fixtures either type a part of a collection or chosen to individually match other bathroom fixtures and faucets.
Towel hooks, either single, double or hooks that appear like open rings on their side, with each and every prong extending horizontally in the fixture, let for towel hanging more than a rounded tip. They’re useful for towel hanging within a long vertical space. Towel rings, might not always be rings, but may well be practically fantastic circles, open on 1 side or having a flat bottom space. Other towel rings are available in a rounded rectangular shape. Towel rings could be left-handed or right-handed.
For holding numerous towels at about waist height, tower valets or towel stands are floor stands with curved bars that also come in countertop models. Normal towel bars, featuring a single bar having a wall fixture at either finish, come in common widths, like 18”, 24”, 30” and 32”. Hand towel bars may perhaps be affixed at 1 end, with the other finish open for towel sliding on and off, or might be attached at each ends, using a short bar among, the width of a standard hand towel.
The towel holder style most normally used for warming towels, towel racks are utilised to hang several towels for drying, and may well be freestanding or wall mounted. Wall mounted with or without having towel racks under, towel shelves or towel baskets are utilized each for storage and towel warming. Obtainable towel hanging fixture variations contain towel bar and towel ring combinations, double towel bars and towel rails. For an assortment of towel hanging fixtures, take a look at Bathroom and Kitchen