How To Save On Granite Worktops

Attractive. Complicated. Swish. Natural. Irrespective of what your personal taste or interior decor, there is no question a color and style of granite that you'll fall madly in love with. But what about the price? Sure we love the look of granite, but how will we swing getting granite worktops in our home without causing bankruptcy? How can we save on granite worktops Maryland?

Here are some tips on achieving your perfect kitchen by adding granite worktops on a tight budget.

Many individuals are under the mistaken impression that granite worktops ALWAYS cost more than composite or manufactured products. Not so! As an undeniable fact, there are many fashions of granite that cost less than similar looking solid surface or quartz products. And while granite may never be cheaper than laminate, it completely can be less expensive than hard surface or quartz.

Granite comes in a large range of colour schemes dependent on the area of the world in which they're cut. There are ?standard ‘ granite colors and ?exotic ‘ granite colors. And their cost ranges are as wide as their color ranges. Standard granite colors can cost as little as $35 per square foot installed, while exotic granites can reach upwards of $300 per square foot!

Many of these standard granite colors can be installed by a professional for as little as $35 per square foot. Therefore depending on the size of your kitchen and its counter coverage, having granite worktops installed could cost a little less than $2500. Not bad!

Before you count out granite, perform a little research. Examine the web to have a look at colors and styles that you like. Visit home showrooms to see various colours and style in use (granite can look a ton different when you see 10 feet of it compared to a few inches on a swatch), and contact a credible granite installer who can review your options with you and supply an accurate cost guess.

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