How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Kitchen

One of most exposed parts of our home to water damage is the kitchen. This particular part of the home is mostly exposed to water and other sources of potential water damage. It contains appliances like fridge, the sink, and dishwasher that could lead to damage when they got damaged. The kitchen also has pipes that if damaged and left neglected, they could lead to damage.

Prevention of water damage in the kitchen can be done by looking after and continually checking the area and the appliances in it for any sign of problem. Let?s have a quick look at how we can do this task.


Your fridge can be a potential source of water damage if the area behind it is leaking for rather a long time. As the area behind this home appliance can be actually tough to inspect, you may later find it has been dribbling for an extended period of time. You must make a response to that problem straight away. You need to examine if there’s any water damage connected to the refrigerator. You should look for any hint of moisture in this appliance that can be a source of the leak.


The sink is the most typical source of water damage in the kitchen. Here’s where we get most of the water. You must regularly check it if it has leaks and any problems with the pipes.

Cooking Range

The cooking range can be a reason for water damage although it is not related immediately to water. You need to check it regularly by moving the burner and looking for any hint of problem. If this is fixed on the wall, you can try and remove the bottom drawer to check its interior. In case there is any hint of leak, then you can clean the area and fixed any leak. Call for a specialist if there’s a major repair needed.


Your dishwashers may cause water damage if there’s any opening in it, causing the water to overflow. Check if there is any hole in the back or in its doors so you can see where the water is coming from. You need to take a look at the hoses and drains if they are clogged too. Again, you can call a specialist to solve the problem if you do not know the best way to deal with it.

The really important thing to do to avoid water damage in the kitchen is to always keep it dry before you leave it. In case there’s any sign of dripping, check it straight away and cope with the problem.

If your home is susceptible to water damage, it’s very important that you invest in water damage restoration equipment like dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters. Visit Restoration Express if you’d like to know more about these tools.