Are Engineer Stone Or Granite Countertops Better?

Natural stone worktops offer us benefits that no other surface can. Two of the most well-liked countertops for kitchens are quartz and granite.

They both offer us some wonderful benefits.

Did you know that granite and quartz countertops allow us to take hot pans out of the stove and put them on the counter? You won’t have to make room on the cook top or employ a trivet any more.

You will also be in a position to put those cutting boards away. You will not scratch either worktop with you knives. You can knead dough on the countertop as well. Just put flower on the worktop exactly like you would put flower on a cutting board.

When you compare granite vs quartz you're going to find some major differences too. Take for example the color patterns. The patterns in quartz are well distributed. The colours don’t alter throughout the stone.

The colours in quartz are also manmade with dyes so you can get some incredible and lovely colors that will match even the hardest kitchen color palette.

Granite countertops are quite different. The colors and patterns are completely natural and vary across the stone. It is called veining and it is a gorgeous effect and unending effect.

The price of granite or quartz counters is very similar. If you have room in your financial position for one than you can simply change your decision without breaking your position. The cost of silestone counters, a popular kind of quartz worktops, varies from $40 a square foot to $90 a square foot, dependent on the colour pattern that you select.

You can see all of the available colours at the do-it-yourself stores like Home Depot. You'll be happy to know that the cheap color patterns aren't ugly colors remotely. My 2 favorite colours come from the least expensive options.

There's no upkeep required with silestone counters. Just keep them clean using non-abrasive cleansers. Granite nevertheless is another story.

With Natural stone countertops you’ll need to apply a sealer every six to eighteen months. This is important to keep stains and bacteria from moving into the pores in your counter.

Find out what is better for your kitchen Natural Stone vs Engineer stone, and have some kitchen remodeling concepts for your house