Interesting Facts About The Construction Of Wood Windows

Windows can be made from steel, aluminium, plastic, fiber glass and wood. Carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages before installing one, save you much effort and money.

Wood is the best option

As wood is very tough and stable under nearly all climates, it is considered to be the best choice among other options. It is used in many construction and building projects.

One of the oldest construction materials

Wood has been used for construction purposes for hundreds of thousands of years. It is organic and is a natural composite of fibers which resists compression very well. It can be cut into different preferable sizes and shapes by using simple machines. It is durable and readily available compared to other manufactured products. It is also a good insulator to heat and electricity. Most importantly it is a renewable and biodegradable resource.

Sufficient wood sources

Windows can be made from Siberian Larch, Oak and Mahogany. The well-managed Scandinavian forests located on the harsh west coast of Norway provide a rich supply of wood sources for wood manufacturers in the world.

European forests with sustainability

European farmers are required to plant two more trees after they cut down one. In this way, the sustainability of wood sources is now protected. In fact, the number of trees in Nordic forests are now double that of 100 years ago.

What are the qualities of good wood windows?

Good insulation- the tiny pores in woods, which trap air and warmness make it a good insulator. With modern engineering techniques, wood windows from Broxwood are very energy saving with the overall heat transfer coefficient (U-value) as low as 0,6. U-value represents the rate of heat transfer from the building through windows and doors. The lower the value, the slower the heat transfer, the better the insulation ability of the product, in this case, the wood windows.

Better for the environment

Old trees absorb less carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. On the contrary, younger ones absorb more carbon dioxide and even harmful gases, subsequently protecting the environment. Woods are 100% renewable and recycled. And the energy consumption in wood windows production is 20% less than in making plastic windows.

They are durable

Woods are durable in nature. They contain different natural colours and patterns, so that they fit to different designs at home and in offices. They can be cut into a whole deal of shapes. Having wood windows add character and values to the room significantly.

Easy maintenance

Plastic windows are cheaper and probably save you a little bit at the beginning. But when you understand that damaged plastic windows cannot be repaired and have to be exchanged, you can pay more in the end. Larch wood which mostly originates from Russia and Canada is very durable. You do not even need to maintain it due to it’s natural preserving properties. Some woods withstand tough climates and have an usage warranty of up to 30 years.

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