Areas You Can Use The Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker

Hosting cocktail parties implies that you’ve got several specifics to take care of to be able to have a productive evening. The principle concentrate of a cocktail celebration is needless to say the drinks. It is normally greatest to serve over beer or wine, numerous people take pleasure in a great mixed drink once they are socializing with friends and family.

The important to a great cocktail drink is the ice. The correct quantity of ice can make a mediocre drink ideal. The most effective approach to make sure that you simply have the correct quantity of ice on hand constantly is always to use the Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker.


You don’t must restrict the location of the cocktail parties to inside your house just to guarantee that you simply possess the best amount of ice on hand all the time. Have entertaining together with your occasion and host it on your boat, within the workplace or maybe out inside your yard.

With all the Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker you are able to have ice ready for you personally in just ten minutes as long as you have a 115 volt outlet nearby. Just before your party you’ll be able to produce a big amount of ice and then as you run out, continually make more, using the capability of ten to twelve cubes being ready in just ten minutes.

This eliminates the have to must run to the nearby convenience retailer every time you run out of ice or even the must go in to the home if the celebration is inside your yard.


There are numerous distinct models of the Sunpentown Transportable Ice Maker accessible on the market. You’ll must determine the exact use for the machine to determine which one is proper for you.

The various sizes include models that will hold up 1.five pounds of ice at 1 time, creating as much as 26 pounds in a 24-hour period and those that hold as much as 2.five pounds of ice at a time and make as much as 35 pounds within a twenty-four hour period.


Any Sunpentown Transportable Ice Maker that you pick will make two or 3 distinct size ice cubes, are little adequate to make use of just about anyplace, including proper on a countertop and do not need the usage of a drain.

The decisions you are going to must make beyond the normal functions include the color of the unit, the tank capacity and should you want digital controls with an LCD panel. These decisions must be according to exactly where you will use the unit and just how a lot you entertain.

Should you will likely be hosting at home, you might want a stainless steel or platinum unit to match your current appliances. The tank capacity ranges from one liter to 2.2 liters and must be determined by the quantity you will use your unit at one time.

The Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker is the perfect approach to have enjoyable cocktail parties at any place. Make items fascinating by hosting in different places without limiting the drinks that you can provide your guests. With a selection of styles, sizes and functions, there is a perfect unit for each need.

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